How to Dress Up Winter Style in a Non-Temperate Country

The more I check all the magazines or those street styles online, the more I found it’s getting difficult for us to differentiate the seasons from how people dress up.

I come from a four seasoned country, and I still remember what I wore for winter when I was younger. However, nowadays, when I go back to my home country, most of my girl-friends are wearing skirts with stockings, usually matching with trendy coats in 0 degree Celcius (or even below) weather.

And the most interesting is, when I live in Kuala Lumpur, sometimes I see girls wearing boots and down coats in shopping malls as though the soaring 30 degree Celcius heat does not bother them.

So how to nail a winter style in a tropical country? Here are 2 simple tips for you.

Sweater/ Knits with skirts

An oversized knit is a key item for winter. You also can choose a one for air conditioner environment.

oversized sweater1

If you are confident enough, you can learn from Leandra Medine to show some skin of your stomach.


The easiest way, you can wear the sweater/ knit off the shoulder.


Wearing a lighter skirt can also be a good way to balance the temperature.


Wearing fabric boots

A pair of leather thigh high boots is a must have for winter. Fortunately, fashion industry has prepared us the thigh high boots in fabric.

Jenna Dewan is wearing her open toe boots in such a beautiful color.


A pair of velvet boots would also be an excellent idea. You won’t feel hot, it’s just feel like you are wearing jeans.

A pair of velvet ankle boots will be the best way to add some edge to your style.


Chiara Ferragni is wearing her blue velvet ankle boots.


The above is only approved in an air conditioner environment, not outdoor. :)

Ariana Grande

From Ariana Grande’s Instagram picture, can you guess what season is this?

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Spice Up With Velvet

Velvet is one of the most important fashion elements for the season.

What do we need to pay attention to wear velvet better?

Try not to use velvet to cover your whole body

It creates a quite “heavy” impression if you wear one-piece velvet dresses in the pictures below.


This type of velvet dress doest fit everyone, especially for petite ladies, it will make you look shorter. And if you are the plump type (and if you are not already a fashion icon), this dress will make you the center of attention in a strange way.


The solution for this is to choose a dress/clothes that can show your skin as much as possible.

The best example is Hailey Baldwin’s strap dress. It shows Hailey’s fit body well, sexy and elegant as well.


This midnight blue dress is from Zara.


If you are going to wear a long sleeve velvet dress, it is safe to choose a super V neck type to show your chest line.


For Cara Delevingne, showing chest line is not enough, please show your legs! legs!


Or learn from Taylor Swift to show your back.


Wearing velvet Sandals

A pair of velvet sandals can surely spice up your outfit, but speaking of which color, it will be burgundy.



I would prefer this type of simpler style matching with a red color pedicure to get a expensive look.


But recently, fashion icons start to match the velvet sandals with socks.


This one is from Hilary Duff.


Valentino Runway.


Socks and sandals is a trend, I was wearing like this when I was a little kid. It proves again, fashion always make a come back.

Go and borrow some clothes from your grandma, one day it might be a trend!

Luxury & Premium Handbags, Accessories for Year of The Rooster

Happy New Year and The Year of the Rooster!

Time flies, I still remember the beginning of last year when I was writing It’s a Monkey Business for the Luxury Brands This Chinese New Year. Now I am going to write about “Rooster” already.

Roosters are not as cute and adorable as monkeys so I’ve been wondering how they make those handbags or accessories with roosters. Let’s take a look here.

1. Longchamp

Longchamp launched this red 3D bag for this coming Chinese New Year. I always like Longchamp bags, they are light and comes with affordable price. This Chinese red bag matches with this cute rooster will definitely bring you a different Chinese New Year. Look at this white rooster, he is proud of himself!



2. Michael Kors

Michael Kors prepared this gold tone rooster key charm for the Chinese New Year, and even with a Chinese character which means “happiness”. This would be such a usable gift for your family members or friends.



3. Dior 

How can we miss diorrelita bracelet when speaking of Chinese Zodiac. This rooster’s body is made of a pearl, and that huge eye makes this whole bracelet look young and vibrant.



4. MCM

MCM New Year Series has prepared us a punk rooster (look at that hair). This heart shaped rooster shows something different, I personally like this a lot.





5. Kate Spade

Kate Spade has this Imagination Rooster bag. A huge pink rooster with black bag, I am not so sure whether it is wearable.



I would prefer this rooster coin purse.


6. Salvatore Ferragamo 

Finally we can see something that not so red. Ferragamo got this roosters in flowers print scarf. This is a very artistic design. It comes with 3 colors. And of course, if you want red color, they have it for you.

7. Gucci

Gucci masters animal patterns and prints. This rooster sneakers are simple but makes me wanting to have them.



This special edition silk scarf is part of the Chinese New Year collection, in celebration of the year of the rooster.



This Chinese New Year key chain is a nice piece to have for the new year.


8. Bonia

Local Brand Bonia also made the leather charms and coin purses for Chinese New Year. They will make your new year with more Fun, ready to get one?

Happy new year to you all again and hope we all can get those rooster products for ourselves!

Kuala Lumpur Has the Most Modern Christian Dior Boutique In the World

Happy to be invited to Christian Dior’s newest boutique in Suria KLCC for the private preview before its opening to public on 1st December of 2016.

I was told that the boutique is by far Dior’s most modern boutique in the world, and I felt so proud of Malaysia.


When you walk into the boutique, you will find yourself transported into another beautiful world.


From shoes to handbags, accessories to ready-to-wear, it was just too much to focus.


Because of the grand opening, they have a few limited edition items for the ladies. If you are a collector or a huge fan of Dior, it’s the best time to go and check the addition to your collection.



The staff there are as friendly as usual. It is so “dangerous” to talk with them, because they can always make your impossible requests happen.

It is definitely a perfect place if you are seeking Christmas gifts for yourself, and I got something for myself :p


Get your wallet ready and check it out tomorrow!


Grace (in love with Dior)

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Stylist: Grace Cao Interview by KL Lifestyle Magazine

Being a woman is not easy, do you what you like, enjoy what you do.

If you want to know more about me, read my interview by KL Lifestyle magazine.



Where are you from? Tell us about your hometown.

I am from Beijing, China. I was born and raised there. People call us the “The Beijinger”. Beijing is a massive city with a huge population. The city has been changing rapidly over the years. Every time I go back, it looks different, but it is able to maintain its cultural heritage. I am sure you know about the Summer Palace and Forbidden City. The most famous food there, of course, is Peking Duck.

Tell us a bit about your background.

I am always into fashion since I was in middle school. I spent a lot time exploring what was new in the fashion world through magazines, online, movies and TV series. However, I was not able to choose any fashion-related major during my university days. Over the years I have slowly developed the skills on how to be a fashionista. I also discovered that having a good sense of fashion doesn’t mean it always needs to cost you an arm and a leg. Fashion needs to fit your personality to make it work.

When did you come to Malaysia? What was your first impression?

My first time to Malaysia was for a holiday about 9 years ago. I fell in love with KL when I first visited here. I think it was love at first sight. Since I was raised in a big city, I would always enjoy the crowds and the cosmopolitan feeling of KL. The multi-cultural aspect always attracts me. The federal capital has its own personality. On the other hand, Malaysia is blessed with so many beautiful islands, especially in Sabah. I have family members and friends who constantly go there for holidays.

What do you do and how did you get into it?

I am a freelance stylist/personal shopper, and I also have an office job. I can’t recall exactly when people started to ask me about what to buy, or how did I make my hair. There are a lot of times when I walk on the street, people would randomly approach me to ask where I bought my shoes or my dresses. Then I thought it might be a good opportunity to make it as a business. I started my own website (, then eventually had customers.

Most of the time I help people who don’t know how to dress up, or people who have no idea on what to wear for functions or events. My clients are not actors or actresses; they are ordinary people like me who want to have a better look. I regularly blog to update my readers on the latest trends in the fashion industry.

What is it that you love about what you do?

To help people become confident and feel good about themselves motivates me the most. I feel very happy when my clients are looking great. After all “you are what you wear”.

Do you eat the local food here? Any favourites?

I eat the local food everyday. In fact I cannot even think of one food that I don’t like in Malaysia. Hainanese Chicken Rice is definitely one of my favourites and ironically, it’s not originally from Hainan, China! Another food I love is the nasi lemak from Petronas station! Strange? You have to try it when you are starving.

How is your interaction with the locals?

I think it’s such a blessing that I can naturally blend in with the people here and even my friends think that I am too local already. China and Malaysia are very close and the history goes way back. I have made good friends in Malaysia, and I keep meeting amazing people here. Malaysians are definitely one of the most patient people in the world.

What are the five things that an expatriate can take advantage of by living in Malaysia?

The medical facilities here are superb and affordable. There are plenty of interesting and beautiful places to visit. Shopping is great and it can suit anyone’s budget. Make as many local friends as possible because they will help you see the different sides of Malaysia. Finally, Malaysia is pretty much the centre of Southeast Asia, making it a hub to travel around the region.

Have you got any funny/interesting stories that have happened while you’re here?

I attended Bahasa Malaysia class whenI first moved here. I love languages and it is also quite natural for me wanting to learn the language. All my classmates were expats too and we always shared interesting stories of our own countries. We had so much fun, and at the same time we learnt the local language.

Another interesting thing for me is that people always think that I am from Korea. This happens almost everyday. When I am in the shopping mall, the shop assistants will try to say “Hello” in Korean to me. If I go to a Korean restaurant, the Korean boss would be speaking Korean to me as well. There was even a case of someone dancing Gangnam Style when he saw me.

I would just explain to them that I am from China and normally they would say that I do not look Chinese and Chinese people don’t usually speak good English. I was wondering what do people think how the Chinese are supposed to look like. Then I came to realise that this is an opportunity for them to know me as one of the young and modern generation of Chinese citizens who speaks good English, thinks freely and also loving her own country.

Your advice to people who would like to follow in your footsteps?

At this stage, I don’t think I’m at the position to ask people to “follow my footsteps” just yet but I hope that I am already on my way to success. I would encourage everyone, especially women, to do what they really like and devote themselves to it.

Do you have any fashion related question or would like to hire me as your fashion stylist? Email me

Fashion Highlights Before We Go into September!

Hey, some fashion highlights for this week.

1. One more bag to our wishing list: Miu Miu MIUlady Bag.

We need jewels for the season, a lot of jewels on the bag.


Ella Fanning

ella fanning

Taylor Swift


This bag has a sister: Dahlia Bag


Rita Ora


2. Latest face for Topshop – Taylor Hill

We knew Taylor Hill from Victoria Secret’s runway.


Now this 20 years girl starts her new role with Topshop.


3. Isabeli Fontana’s wedding

The wedding dress is from Agua De Coco. 





Will this be the latest trend for the brides?


Simply stunning!

Do You Need To Make Up for Workout at the Gym?

If I was asked this question 10 years ago, my answer would just be a “NO.”

Then we grow up, we take care more of how we look everyday, every moment, even when we are at the supermarket.

One day you’re thinking, maybe you want to wear some make up to the gym. Why not? You will feel good about yourself, and who knows you will meet your prince charming on the way to the gym, or at the gym.

But since we gonna sweat, here are some do’s and don’ts for the make up during your workout session.

1. Sun screen

Sun screen is a “must” in the gym, especially nowadays some gyms have all the French windows. If you don’t want your skin to age too fast, the sun screen would be a basic to have.

Don’t forget to choose the water resistant type.


2. Tinted Moisturizer

I suggest not to use any foundation for your workout.

The tinted moisturizer is a better choice with its lighter texture. Your skin will look brighter, and not too obvious to tell you are using any product on your face.


3. Lipsticks

Instead of a creamy and striking color lipstick, you can choose the sheer lipstick for work out.

This would help your lips looks healthier  without the sticky feeling.

laura mericier


4. Liquid eyeliner

Eyeliner is not a must. You can choose weather it is necessary to use it.

If you are planning to use, remember when in the gym the liquid eyeliner is better than those smoky eyeliner pen.



Since you don’t want people to notice that you are using eyeliner, do not draw any dramatic shape.

The inner eyeliner gives you a natural and softer look.

Start out with a very thin line in the inner corners, and then build the thickness out once you reach the outer third of your eye.


Other cosmetic to avoid when you are going to work out:


During work out, your cheeks will be blushing naturally, you would’t want to have the double effect.


2. Fake eyelashes

Unless you are going to the gym for taking selfies, please say bye bye to the fake eyelashes.

This is not applicable for a natural and health look. BE2087-9-False-Lashes-Diva

Wish all of us have healthy body and mind, and of course look better everyday!


KENZO X H&M Coming this November 2016

Everyone has H&M in their wardrobe, from those basic styles to the designer collaboration.

This November, we are expecting H&M’s new collaboration with Kenzo.

Kenzo HM

Can you feel the wildness?



Another line I really like is the H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection.

This line has totally changed my concept about H&M. It definitely brings H&M to the new level, not the “fast fashion” anymore.


It is said the H&M design team found inspiration at the recently launched ‘Fashion Forward – 300 Years of Fashion’ exhibit held at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs.





Check Olivia Wilde in that dress at the launch!


Which line of H&M is your favorite?

Dream A Little Pink Dream

Last time we were talking about The Star and Stripes (white, blue and red) but there is one more color for this season that can really catch your eyes: Pink.

After all we all have young hearts.


pink 2


Have a peek at this, the popular pink now is not the range of hot pink. It is those softer pink.


Ralph & Russo Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2016


Balman Fall 2016


And the trend will definitely continue to the next year.

Escada Resort 2017



Roksanda Resort 2017


Osman Pre Spring/Summer 2017


For these pink color, probably you can start with your lipsticks.

Here’s the Anita Audacious Lipstick from Nars.



Similar color range you can choose Vanessa.



Are you a pink lover? Have a great week ahead!


Lip Color Can Fix Anything

How many lipsticks do you have? I bet the answer is “countless.”

We choose different lip colors for different occasions  or even different mood.

We are using them everyday but still don’t think we have enough. Here are some “candidates” for your lipstick collection.

1. YSL Vinyl Lip Cream


Lip products from YSL are always pretty, get your wallet ready for these.


Personally I would prefer No.407, and I think No.409 is really good for the coming autumn.

2. Chanel Rouge Allure Ink 2016 Fall Collection 


This is a new line of matte lip colors. The packaging is cute and sleek.

  • 140 Amoureux – pink-beige
  • 142 Creatif – fresh pink
  • 144 Vivant – coral
  • 146 Seduisant – bright pink
  • 148 Libere – bright red
  • 150 Luxuriant – red and pink
  • 152 Choquant – dark red
  • 154 Experimente – red plum

Which color is your favorite?

chanel 2

3. Cle De Peau Radiant Liquid Rouge


Shade 18 Opium is the best!

Not sure whether you can see all the packaging for the lip colors of this season are all very tiny. Maybe they know that we never finish one lipstick then start to look for another one, or two.

Let me share some of my personal favorite lip colors.

1. Tom Ford Lipstick 09 True Coral

This is my love at the first sight. This color is great both for work or a date!

true coral


(Photo courtesy of

2. Burberry Lip Mist 208 Stormy Pink 

This color gives you a natural and effortless look.

burberry stormypink

The long-lasting hydration makes you stay away from dry lips.


(Photo courtesy of 

3. Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick 420 Rebellious Rose

Maybe you would not be interested in this color by how it look. But when you try it on, you just won’t stop using it.


I have been using this one recently, and really in love with it. I can really have a healthy look with it.

The color can last for hours, it leaves your lips look beautifully shaped and sculpted.

Our super model Liu Wen is also a big fan of this color!

liu wen

What’s your next lip color? Do share with us!