4 Different Types of Jumpsuits and How to Wear Them

When talking about jumpsuits, we always think about the cons first.

Yes, it makes your butt look bigger; not convenient when you are in the ladies’ and you might look like a giant baby when wearing it.

So why do we still love it? The answer is: jumpsuits are chic, chic, and chic. Here are different types of jumpsuits and some ideas on how you should wear them.

1. Military Jumpsuits

Girls look extremely awesome when in military jumpsuits. And red lips are the best friend.


Alma Clooney is wearing her military jumpsuit with statement earrings.


Look at Rihhana, red lips, red nail polish and even her ruby ring.


Unless you want to look like a real female solider, otherwise you’ll need some striking accessories.

A nice pair of sunglasses, or at least the red nail polish should be able to complement your jumpsuit nicely.


2. Denim Jumpsuits

Best denim jumpsuit tips from Gigi Hadid: button down, ankle boots and smokey eyes.


Dree Hemingway, zipper down. Get it? Exposing a bit of skin helps you not look like a construction worker.

Of course those accessories are necessary too.

Do not learn from Jlo this time, not sexy at all. Maybe it’s another bad dress day for her.


3. Printed Jumpsuits


I love Blake Lively’s look, printed jumpsuit with heels. Just simple and nice.

I like how she does her lips with her coat.


Wow, this is the best wear for a night out, good job Suki Waterhouse! Platforms with jumpsuits.


Lily Aldridge is in the jumpsuits by Michael Kors. Again, don’t feel shy to show your skin.

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4. White Jumpsuits

It shouldn’t be a type, it’s just a color, I know.

It’s a personal favorite. Look at these pictures, difficult to say “no” to white color.





If you still don’t know how to wear or match with your jumpsuits,┬áleave your comments below and will sort something out!

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