Do You Need To Make Up for Workout at the Gym?

If I was asked this question 10 years ago, my answer would just be a “NO.”

Then we grow up, we take care more of how we look everyday, every moment, even when we are at the supermarket.

One day you’re thinking, maybe you want to wear some make up to the gym. Why not? You will feel good about yourself, and who knows you will meet your prince charming on the way to the gym, or at the gym.

But since we gonna sweat, here are some do’s and don’ts for the make up during your workout session.

1. Sun screen

Sun screen is a “must” in the gym, especially nowadays some gyms have all the French windows. If you don’t want your skin to age too fast, the sun screen would be a basic to have.

Don’t forget to choose the water resistant type.


2. Tinted Moisturizer

I suggest not to use any foundation for your workout.

The tinted moisturizer is a better choice with its lighter texture. Your skin will look brighter, and not too obvious to tell you are using any product on your face.


3. Lipsticks

Instead of a creamy and striking color lipstick, you can choose the sheer lipstick for work out.

This would help your lips looks healthier  without the sticky feeling.

laura mericier


4. Liquid eyeliner

Eyeliner is not a must. You can choose weather it is necessary to use it.

If you are planning to use, remember when in the gym the liquid eyeliner is better than those smoky eyeliner pen.

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Since you don’t want people to notice that you are using eyeliner, do not draw any dramatic shape.

The inner eyeliner gives you a natural and softer look.

Start out with a very thin line in the inner corners, and then build the thickness out once you reach the outer third of your eye.


Other cosmetic to avoid when you are going to work out:


During work out, your cheeks will be blushing naturally, you would’t want to have the double effect.


2. Fake eyelashes

Unless you are going to the gym for taking selfies, please say bye bye to the fake eyelashes.

This is not applicable for a natural and health look. BE2087-9-False-Lashes-Diva

Wish all of us have healthy body and mind, and of course look better everyday!


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