How to Dress Up Winter Style in a Non-Temperate Country

The more I check all the magazines or those street styles online, the more I found it’s getting difficult for us to differentiate the seasons from how people dress up.

I come from a four seasoned country, and I still remember what I wore for winter when I was younger. However, nowadays, when I go back to my home country, most of my girl-friends are wearing skirts with stockings, usually matching with trendy coats in 0 degree Celcius (or even below) weather.

And the most interesting is, when I live in Kuala Lumpur, sometimes I see girls wearing boots and down coats in shopping malls as though the soaring 30 degree Celcius heat does not bother them.

So how to nail a winter style in a tropical country? Here are 2 simple tips for you.

Sweater/ Knits with skirts

An oversized knit is a key item for winter. You also can choose a one for air conditioner environment.

oversized sweater1

If you are confident enough, you can learn from Leandra Medine to show some skin of your stomach.


The easiest way, you can wear the sweater/ knit off the shoulder.


Wearing a lighter skirt can also be a good way to balance the temperature.


Wearing fabric boots

A pair of leather thigh high boots is a must have for winter. Fortunately, fashion industry has prepared us the thigh high boots in fabric.

Jenna Dewan is wearing her open toe boots in such a beautiful color.


A pair of velvet boots would also be an excellent idea. You won’t feel hot, it’s just feel like you are wearing jeans.

A pair of velvet ankle boots will be the best way to add some edge to your style.

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Chiara Ferragni is wearing her blue velvet ankle boots.


The above is only approved in an air conditioner environment, not outdoor. 🙂

Ariana Grande

From Ariana Grande’s Instagram picture, can you guess what season is this?

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