How to Look Professional and Stylish in The Office

If you are a working lady who works with corporate inside a fancy office building, you might want to take some time to read this today.

We always see some working women dress nicely with their heels come in and out from their offices. However, most of the time we see some of them wear boring, dully suits and also look tired.

Speaking of this, I want to share about “enclothed cognition” with you.

What is enclothed cognition? A simpler way to describe this: It is about the clothes that you wear can psychologically influence you. So you feel happy when you are nicely dressed up, and you feel you are professional when you dress professionally.

People think dressing professionally is boring which is wrong in today’s situation.

The fashion industry prepares so many interesting things for us not for no reason, you get to learn how to choose them and use them for your daily work outfit, and to show the best side of yourself everyday.

1. Pussy bow blouse and cigaret pants are your best friends. 

Because the cigaret pants are cool and sleek, we need some feminine elements to balance it.

Saoirse Ronan


Chloe Pussy Bow Blouse


Chloe Pussy Bow Blouse


Michael Michael Kors Blue Pussy Bow Printed Blouse


Marc by Marc Jacobs Printed Pussy Bow Blouse


2. Pencil skirts show the best shape of you

Pencil skirts are actually stylish for both inside the office and out.

You can just simply match it with any shirt. White shirts are great.

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Ashley Olsen set the best example.


Don’t be afraid to try the printed pencil skirts. But the color better be soft.

Printed pencil skirts are perfect for a night out after work too.

Dolce & Gabbana




3. Long sleeved dresses never go wrong

We have all experienced the rush in the morning before going to work.

When you don’t have time to choose what to wear, just grab your long sleeved dress. It makes you look elegant in the office and nobody will know that you were in a rush.

I will never recommend a sleeveless dress for office outfit.



Rihanna in navy Givenchy dress


I think Kate Middleton has thousands of long sleeved dresses.

And it is so obvious she is in love with ivory color. This color is perfect for you in the office.




4. Tweed jacket

Tweed jackets are wonderful with shirts or any type of clothes.

It can be an additional element to your office outfits collection.

tweed jacket



Or maybe you want to try the tweed suit?



5. You need suits and also accessories

We don’t need to wear suits everyday.

But when you have conferences, meeting with your clients, it’s better to have the suit on you.

The below outfit is not bad, there is nothing wrong with it, but it could be better with accessories.


The perfect working lady look in my mind is from one of my favorite TV series The Good Wife. 

If you just happened to like that too, you must know Diane Lockhart.

Being in a law firm, she must look professional all the time.

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But she never missed her accessories.





Try to avoid leopard pattern unless you are the lady boss in your company.


For younger ladies, you can choose some more interesting accessories.

Thomas Sabo


THOMAS SABO_Sterling Silver_HW2015_H1836_rg_w-750x750

Kate Spade


Tiffany& Co


Kate Spade




We all need to dress well to work hard.

Don’t forget the “enclothed cognition” – it’s another excuse to buy more for yourself!

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