It’s Time to Say Bye Bye to Your LBD

What to wear for this coming New Year Party?

The easiest answer is to find another Little Black Dress.

Because a little black dress is a safe choice, it can never go wrong.


But No No! It can never make you the most stunning lady in the party!

You might see your potential Mr. Right in that party,  you might see the lady who always mocking about your style in the office too… so do you really want to give up this easily ?

And I know you are lazy or do not have time to prepare your dress.

Here are some tips for you :

1. Slip Dress



You’ll say “wow this dress requires such a fit body which I don’t have.”

I hear you, and here is a simple way of wearing a slip dress.

Slip dress + blazer


Karlie Kloss looks a bit casual in this picture.

The thing is do not actually wear your blazer, do not put your arms inside the sleeves!


Do it like Jessica Alba does.


2. Jumpsuit



Of course if you are as confident as Cara Delavign, you can try this type of jumpsuit.


Well for us, ordinary people, I would suggest this type.

Jumpsuit with a piece of lace


Or with a piece of lace at the back


Do not ever wear the all lace type unless you are a super model or you want to look cheap…


Now you can grab your wallet and kidnap your BFF,  go to a shopping mall to get something similar.

But next year please remember preparing for your New Year Party at least 2 weeks earlier.

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Be a shiny star at your party!

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