Lip Color Can Fix Anything

How many lipsticks do you have? I bet the answer is “countless.”

We choose different lip colors for different occasions  or even different mood.

We are using them everyday but still don’t think we have enough. Here are some “candidates” for your lipstick collection.

1. YSL Vinyl Lip Cream


Lip products from YSL are always pretty, get your wallet ready for these.


Personally I would prefer No.407, and I think No.409 is really good for the coming autumn.

2. Chanel Rouge Allure Ink 2016 Fall Collection 


This is a new line of matte lip colors. The packaging is cute and sleek.

  • 140 Amoureux – pink-beige
  • 142 Creatif – fresh pink
  • 144 Vivant – coral
  • 146 Seduisant – bright pink
  • 148 Libere – bright red
  • 150 Luxuriant – red and pink
  • 152 Choquant – dark red
  • 154 Experimente – red plum

Which color is your favorite?

chanel 2

3. Cle De Peau Radiant Liquid Rouge


Shade 18 Opium is the best!

Not sure whether you can see all the packaging for the lip colors of this season are all very tiny. Maybe they know that we never finish one lipstick then start to look for another one, or two.

Let me share some of my personal favorite lip colors.

1. Tom Ford Lipstick 09 True Coral

This is my love at the first sight. This color is great both for work or a date!

true coral


(Photo courtesy of

2. Burberry Lip Mist 208 Stormy Pink 

This color gives you a natural and effortless look.

burberry stormypink

The long-lasting hydration makes you stay away from dry lips.

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(Photo courtesy of 

3. Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick 420 Rebellious Rose

Maybe you would not be interested in this color by how it look. But when you try it on, you just won’t stop using it.


I have been using this one recently, and really in love with it. I can really have a healthy look with it.

The color can last for hours, it leaves your lips look beautifully shaped and sculpted.

Our super model Liu Wen is also a big fan of this color!

liu wen

What’s your next lip color? Do share with us!

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