Luxury & Premium Handbags, Accessories for Year of The Rooster

Happy New Year and The Year of the Rooster!

Time flies, I still remember the beginning of last year when I was writing It’s a Monkey Business for the Luxury Brands This Chinese New Year. Now I am going to write about “Rooster” already.

Roosters are not as cute and adorable as monkeys so I’ve been wondering how they make those handbags or accessories with roosters. Let’s take a look here.

1. Longchamp

Longchamp launched this red 3D bag for this coming Chinese New Year. I always like Longchamp bags, they are light and comes with affordable price. This Chinese red bag matches with this cute rooster will definitely bring you a different Chinese New Year. Look at this white rooster, he is proud of himself!



2. Michael Kors

Michael Kors prepared this gold tone rooster key charm for the Chinese New Year, and even with a Chinese character which means “happiness”. This would be such a usable gift for your family members or friends.



3. Dior 

How can we miss diorrelita bracelet when speaking of Chinese Zodiac. This rooster’s body is made of a pearl, and that huge eye makes this whole bracelet look young and vibrant.



4. MCM

MCM New Year Series has prepared us a punk rooster (look at that hair). This heart shaped rooster shows something different, I personally like this a lot.





5. Kate Spade

Kate Spade has this Imagination Rooster bag. A huge pink rooster with black bag, I am not so sure whether it is wearable.



I would prefer this rooster coin purse.

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6. Salvatore Ferragamo 

Finally we can see something that not so red. Ferragamo got this roosters in flowers print scarf. This is a very artistic design. It comes with 3 colors. And of course, if you want red color, they have it for you.

7. Gucci

Gucci masters animal patterns and prints. This rooster sneakers are simple but makes me wanting to have them.



This special edition silk scarf is part of the Chinese New Year collection, in celebration of the year of the rooster.



This Chinese New Year key chain is a nice piece to have for the new year.


8. Bonia

Local Brand Bonia also made the leather charms and coin purses for Chinese New Year. They will make your new year with more Fun, ready to get one?

Happy new year to you all again and hope we all can get those rooster products for ourselves!

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