Spice Up With Velvet

Velvet is one of the most important fashion elements for the season.

What do we need to pay attention to wear velvet better?

Try not to use velvet to cover your whole body

It creates a quite “heavy” impression if you wear one-piece velvet dresses in the pictures below.


This type of velvet dress doest fit everyone, especially for petite ladies, it will make you look shorter. And if you are the plump type (and if you are not already a fashion icon), this dress will make you the center of attention in a strange way.


The solution for this is to choose a dress/clothes that can show your skin as much as possible.

The best example isĀ Hailey Baldwin’s strap dress. It shows Hailey’s fit body well, sexy and elegant as well.


This midnight blue dress is from Zara.


If you are going to wear a long sleeve velvet dress, it is safe to choose a super V neck type to show your chest line.


For Cara Delevingne, showing chest line is not enough, please show your legs! legs!


Or learn from Taylor Swift to show your back.


Wearing velvet Sandals

A pair of velvet sandals can surely spice up your outfit, but speaking of which color, it will be burgundy.



I would prefer this type of simpler style matching with a red color pedicure to get a expensive look.


But recently, fashion icons start to match the velvet sandals with socks.


This one is from Hilary Duff.


Valentino Runway.


Socks and sandals is a trend, I was wearing like this when I was a little kid. It proves again, fashion always make a come back.

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Go and borrow some clothes from your grandma, one day it might be a trend!

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