What to Wear When Meeting Your Future in-laws for The First Time

Everyone wants to make a good impression to their future in-laws for the first time.

During this holiday season you might get a chance to meet them, and I am sure that your beloved one would appreciate if you dress properly for the first meeting.

Here are some suggestions for you:

1. Try to hide your tattoos

I will not give a negative vote on tattoos. Every tattoo has story and I think it is a reflection of personality.

But try to hide them if possible. Your future in-laws don’t want to know about the meanings of your tattoos during the first meeting.

tatto 2

2. Do not expose your skin too much

Your future in-laws might think you are not the marrying kind…

expose skin 2

3. Do not dress too casual 

T-shirts and Jeans are the best combination when you are going to supermarket or buying a cup of coffee.

Your future in-law might think your are not being respectful to them.

Ok, if you have to wear jeans, please at least don’t wear a pair of ripped jeans.

dress too casual 1

4. Do not dress like you are going to work 

It is really trendy for women to wear a blazer and cigarette pants to show such a strong personality.

But your future in-laws might not get your point. They will feel that you are difficult to get on well with.

going to work 1

So what is the best way to dress? you don’t want to dress too casual or look like you are trying to hard.

1. A simple designed dress which is not too short

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If with a piece of nice accessory (earrings or necklace) would be even better.

simple dress

simple dress 2

2. Shirt + flared or pleated midi skirt

Midi skirt is very feminine and sweet, it matches very well with high heel shoes.

midiskirt 4

midi skirt

3. Wrap dress

I have to say that a wrap dress from DVF is my personal favorite. It is a perfect choice for meeting your future in-laws.

Not exposing too much skin, not too short, very feminine and looks very vital.

wrap dress 1

wrap dress 2

Now if you still feel unsure about what to wear to meet your future in-laws for the first time, another easy way is to Google “Kate Middleton” and try to copy her look, that can’t go wrong.

kate 2

kate 3

kate 3

Good luck girls!


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