What to Wear When Working Out at the Gym

What’s your goal for the new year?

Reading a lot of books? To get a new car? Or maybe a new house?

I would always suggest my friends that having a nice body should be the goal of the year.

Do not expect that everyone can have a sexy body like Victoria Secret’s models do. But you can always be better than yourself.

When you start to workout, you will find yourself stronger than ever, even beyond your imagination.

Being a gymaholic myself, I would like to introduce different types of outfits for you now.

After all, we need nice outfits to be one of the sources of our motivation.

Nowadays people are wearing athleisure (athletic + leisure) – it is a growing trend in fitness.


The best examples are Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid.

Or Candice Swanepoel.

No matter you are in the gym or on the way to the gym, athleisure looks so healthy, sexy, attracting people’s eyes.

If you are already have a nice body and great confidence, please feel free to try the style below.

Sports bra + shorts or leggings

This is Ashley Tisdale. Look at those abs!


I hope there is “Best Dress to Gym” award for Rosie Huntington Whitley.

And look at Gigi Hadid again, isn’t she cute, strong and sexy?

Just a simple trick for you to do this is to tie a piece of clothes on your waist to cover the “baby fat” on your tummy.

Candice, why is a person sexy like this and still could be legal?

Kendall Janner is doing in the same way.

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If you are conservative, how about trying something below?

Black top + black leggings


Gisele Bündchen is with her post gym glow.

All black is boring? Try this.

Any top+ color printed leggings

Alessandra Ambrosio is a fan to wear these colorful leggings.

Colorful leggings can immediately light you up.



My favorite style is:

loose T-shirt + leggings

like Alexa Chung. Pay attention to this picture, what can you find? Yes, a piece of clothes is on her waist.

Hilary Duff, maybe she doesn’t have the sexiest body.

But this style is what I like and would recommend to everyone.

A loose T-shirt, show a bit the strap of your colorful sports bra and with a legging, holding a cup of coffee.

You could be a Hollywood star on the way to the gym now!

Not enough? To learn more sports style, you can follow her ADRIANNEHO on instagram.



Have a nice day ladies! It’s never too late to start working out!

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