What’s In Your Bag #whatsinyourbag

What do your carry in your bag everyday?

Since the #whatsinyourbag challenge already attracted so many people to join on Instagram, I would like to show what I have in my bag.

This is the exact bag that I used for today.

Since it is not a big handbag, so here are only a few useful things I want to share with you.

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1. Guerlain Parure Gold Powder Foundation

This compact foundation is like a magic to me. I use this whenever I look tired .

It will instantly light up my face and correct my complexion with a floral scent that helps me feel relaxed.


2. Benefit SugarBomb Powder Blush

Like any girl, I have so many boxes of blush, but I only carry this one with me all the time.

It mixes with four unique shades.

Each one of the shade can help me to get a fresh and sweet look.

No time in the morning? I just blend them up!


3. Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Mystic Black

This incredible mascara gives me deep black curl eyelashes even without using the eyelash curler.

However, I can not find this product in Malaysia.


4. Stila Stay All Day Water Proof Liquid Eye Liner (Intense Black)

This eyeliner is my favorite eyeliner product so far.

Like its name, it can stay all day and dries quickly. Easy for beginners to use.

When I prefer a softer look, I go with the brown color.


5. Laura Mercier Sheer Lip Color (Baby Lips)

If there is one lip product I want to introduce to all my female friends, this is the one.

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The lip color doesn’t look so fancy itself, ┬ábut it suits any skin tone.

Because it is a sheer lipstick, it never get messy on my face. I can even use it without a mirror.

I always find myself have such a healthy looking with it.


6. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (Cruella)

Red lips will never go out of style.

This is the best choice for my lips when I suddenly get an important appointment, or a dinner to go.


7. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

This lip treatment definitely make my lips softer.

I like to use it when I am driving or in any room with air conditioner.

It can moisturize my lips for hours even during a long distance flight.


8. Jurlique Rose Hand Cream

I fell in love with its scent first, the rose smell can linger for quite some time.

The cream absorbs very fast, keeps my hands soft and hydrated.


9. Marc By Marc Jacobs Hair band

I bet you will feel much better when you are having BBQ or steamboat if you tie your hair up.

I believe any brand of hair hand can help, but something pretty can really step you up in front of other people.


10. Bobbi pins

I have variety chances of using bobbi pins.

It is a very simple tool to do my hair.

Sometimes my friends, my co- workers or even my clients might need it.

It can be your good friend when you lost a button of your shirt too.


I know you have different things in your bag, please share it with me by leaving your comments below!

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