Why American Apparel Store is Not Available in Malaysia (Yet)?

I love American Apparel. Will they open a store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia eventually?


American Apparel is a very popular brand for men and women as it offers a wide range of trendy clothing as well as accessories. Back in my home city of Beijing, American Apparel has been around for at least two years (shown in the photo above).

I believe one of the reasons why it’s not available in Malaysia is due to its borderline pornographic depiction of women in their advertisements. Anything like this is very¬†sensitive in Malaysia. Take a look at the ad below and you know what I mean.


Not convinced? Google for American Apparel and click images.

The only way to get American Apparel items for now is via Zalora. However, the choices are extremely limited.

Last time I checked there are only 5 items available for sale.

Unless if there’s a change with how American Apparel do their ads, I don’t think it will be in Malaysia soon.

Meanwhile, there’s now a shopping app called AirShoppr – what it does is to connect you as a shopper to a traveller somewhere around the world. The traveller is able to help you shop for¬†anything e.g. an American Apparel product and bring it back to you. It’s cool!

Do you like things from American Apparel?


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